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Madjid Moghary was born on May 12, 1975, in Tehran, IRAN.   During childhood he was very interested in music, especially the piano and organ but he did not have opportunity to learn music in that time, till he started music with Electric Piano at the age of 14.   At the beginning he played the piano by ear and memory, but after a time he started learning the music and Piano performance in music Academy.   In 1994  , he entered university and began studying Bachelor of Computer science course.   Despite he liked computer science  and chose it as his job in that time ,  but only the piano and music could help him to reach spiritual enjoyment and tranquility ,  so he met brilliant master of piano , Master Dariush Kaviani (a student of Emanuel Melik-Aslanian) , and took the classical piano lessons with him for several years.
then he studied at Tehran Music Conservatory and  During the time he lived in Ukraine , he took Piano Masterclasses in Kyiv Conservatory of Music. he also participated in Classical music concerts and Piano recitals.
Madjid Moghary , began teaching the piano from 2008 . he has also been interested in film music and composing conceptual music, he started composing music in 2013. In Gallery and composing pages, you can listen to samples of his composing.

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